Organization, Management and Control Model of Energys S.r.l.

Energys S.r.l., conforming to the internal control system adopted by its parent company Piovan S.p.A., deemed it appropriate to strengthen its internal control system for the prevention of the commission of possible crimes by its directors, employees and representatives, by implementing an Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 which takes into account the organizational structure that characterizes the Company.

An effectively designed, updated and implemented Organization, Management and Control Model is a valid tool capable of raising awareness among all those who operate in the name, on behalf and in the interest of the company, so that these subjects, in performing their functions and duties, base their conduct on principles of fairness, transparency, consistency and professionalism, in order to prevent the risk of committing the crimes referred to in Legislative Decree 231.

Any violations, or suspected violation, of the Model or Code of Ethics can be reported to the following email: